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Inspiring conversations about purpose, Life
& The Word of God

 Interview on Bible Jazz Podcast

Janice Hatcher Liggins recently made a special appearance on Bible Jazz to talk about her new book release, what inspired her, and the deep meaning behind Journey To Your Calling.


Bible Jazz is a casual podcast that features Improvised conversations on Christian faith and life. It is the weekly podcast of University Place Presbyterian Church. Take a moment to listen to her message and don't forget to share!

Strong Christian Female Podcast

Ever wonder what God is doing in your life? How do you know how to follow His will? What is "expected" of you?

In this episode of Strong Christian Female, you will hear a wonderfully enlightening conversation with Author Janice Liggins and how she learned to hear God's voice, obey, and step into her calling. 

Strong Christian Female Podcast is part of a community of mothers, single women, entrepreneurs, leaders, students, coffee lovers, tea drinkers and artists who all love and follow Jesus Christ.


Janice Hatcher Liggins recently made a special appearance on That Christian in Recovery podcast with Vernon Layne.  In this episode, she talks about the importance of attending church, obedience to God and more. That Christian in Recovery is a podcast about recovery from addiction and destructive habits. She hopes you enjoy this episode.

That Christian in Recovery
Interview with Janice Liggins


Order Your Copy Today

Order your copy of Journey to your Calling today. Get Your personal copy delivered to you  or a loved one.

Life is one big classroom and we learn daily as we journey on. Listen to part 1 of Janice Hatcher Liggins' memorable interview on Podcast with Sheila. A platform for sharing uplifting and impactful stories.

Janice Hatcher Liggins 
On Podcast With Sheila

Bookaholics Podcast 

Steady On Podcast

Listen to inspiring interviews where Janice Liggins shares the deep meaning behind Journey To Your Calling.

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