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Journey To Your Calling

The Path To Receive 

The Desires of Your Heart

  • What does the Lord want you to do while you are still on this earth?

  • Why is Love the greatest commandment?

  • How can you establish a relationship with the Lord and live a stronger prayer life?

Journey To Your Calling is written for both men and women who truly want to realize their Calling. Regardless of age, race, ethnicity or culture, you will find this book compelling as a spiritual roadmap to help you discover the purpose you are to fulfill in this life. There is something the Lord wants each of us to do. We discover our Calling after we have been obedient and faithful in whatever tasks, steps, and actions the Lord gives us over the years.

Salvation is the very first step on a long journey home for the Christian. Heaven is our home. We are simply pilgrims here on Earth, travelling through this distant land. Salvation is the only option available to make it back home to the heavenly father. However, what does the Lord want you to do while you are still on this earth? This book was written to help you find the answers to these deep existential questions that we all seek on our life's journey.

Discover How To Uncover
The Lord's Plan For Your Life.

By Janice Hatcher Liggins

Below is a preview of what's inside!

Journey To Your Calling is filled with inspiration, prayers and scriptures to help guide you through your spiritual growth.

Book no.1

Establish A Fruitful Prayer Life

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Journey To Your Calling is also packed with helpful prayers that you can use in your own life if you choose. Feel free to modify them, use parts, delete parts or use them as a framework to create your own. The key is to pray.


Pray in ways that are right for you, in accordance with the word of God. God knows you. He knows how you think, how you talk and how you express yourself. Speak to the Lord as if he is the perfect father, who protects you, provides for you and loves you unconditionally

God's unconditional love for you and your sincere love for him will strengthen you against sin and keep you in right standing with him.


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