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Why Did God

Put You On

This Planet?

Take the journey and discover your calling.


Why are you here? What assignment does God have for you to carry out?

God put each of us on this planet to carry out a specific assignment. However, MOST people live and die without learning why God sent them here. This is true even for 'mature' and 'strong' Christians!


Journey To Your Calling chronicles the seven major phases of spiritual growth and development that we all experience with the Lord on our journey to answering His Calling. Everyone goes through these phases but your personal experience will be unique to you, and what the Lord wants you to learn. Regardless of gender, age or ethnicity, you will find this book compelling as a road map to help you uncover your life's Calling. 

Take the "Journey"

1. The Journey is with the Lord to take the journey you must "DO the Book"! Do every step in every section of every chapter - as the Lord leads.

2. This book is your guide on HOW to Journey with the Lord.

3. The Holy Spirit must be your GPS throughout your journey.

Listen To Janice Hatcher Liggins' Interview on Bible Jazz Podcast

Janice Hatcher Liggins recently made a special appearance on Bible Jazz to talk about her new book release, what inspired her, and the deep meaning behind Journey To Your Calling.


Bible Jazz is a casual podcast that features Improvised conversations on Christian faith and life. It is the weekly podcast of University Place Presbyterian Church. Take a moment to listen to her message and don't forget to share!


"If you are looking for a book that will answer some of the questions concerning God's plan for your life and how to seek answers from the Lord. I highly recommend this book to you."

Rev. Diana P. Cherry

Church Administrator(Emerita)

From the Heart Church Ministries Worldwide



About The Author

Janice Hatcher Liggins is an author, civic leader, entrepreneur, founder of a nonprofit, TV show host, intercessor, mother, granny, and most importantly, a child of the Most High God.

Through her writing, she chronicles her journey to finding her Calling in life and how the Lord helped her overcome obstacles that she encountered along the way. Every paragraph written by her is inspired by the Lord and intended to uplift and inspire you, no matter what trials you may be going through in life.

Above all, love each other deeply because love covers a multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8


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